Thursday, 1 December 2011

Winter is coming.

A distant someone with a permanently anchored container in my heart recently mentioned that I don't post often enough about the latest and greatest in Evanova. This anchored one being absolutely right, and to celebrate the first snow flakes, I finally hit the "Take a screenshot" button again. So, here's some more of upcoming features in what will be 'version 0.93' (hopefully before New Years...Eve). Brace yourself!
  • Skill Planning for Pilots. Yeah! You will also be able to import your plans from EveMon.
  • Contracts and Industry Jobs for Pilots and Corporations.
  • Members list (as shown earlier) and Wallet for Corporations.
  • A good number of fixes and performance improvements.
  • Lots of other minor things.
  • Sorry, no ship fitting tool yet...

New Contracts and Industry buttons added to the scrolling menu on the character view.
The Character Training View displays planned skills. Blue borders indicate a queued skill, while grey borders indicate a planned one. Oh, and there are improvements in the way squares are blinking ;-)
You can now choose what to display on this same Character Training view, and import EveMon skill plans.
The skill details view will tell you if a skill is in your planning.
List of industry jobs for as long as you can remember.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Candles are up

'It's always someone's birthday out there'. Today it's mine.
And I submit to you a few screenshots on what's coming.

But before that, let me throw some numbers at you:
Evanova was first put on the market on the 21 june 2011. Within 4 months, there has been, according to Google's buggy market numbers, more than 9500 downloads, and 4300+ devices are currently using it. All I can say is thank you all!
I like those numbers a lot, so please keep them growing by telling your friends ;-)

Screenshots I said

Pilot Certificates.
You will be able to see your grades and details about certificates, the same way you can view your pilot's skills. There is also a secret plan about skills and planning them...

Money, money, money...
Corporations have members
Those depressing grayed out icons in the Corporation view are about to light up. Things are underway.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Reload ALL the things

A bug fix version (0.92) has hit the spot. Reload your keys, pilots and corporations after checking out the list down below.

Changes Etc...

  • Old API keys are now fully supported as it was before. The code for handling them as been put back by *ahem* popular demand.
  • The Api Keys detail screen now shows your account status when available.
  • Fixed some crashes while attempting to download data from Eve Online
  • Fixed a batch of bugs in widgets. Note that tablets still lack larger ones.
  • Mails now have a name on it. Senders are not a number, they are a real pilot!
  • After a short venture in Android's media store, Evanova is back to storing media files in its own way. Using the media store caused the device's gallery app(s) thumbnails to be filled up with portraits and turned out to be a bad idea in the end. Also, Evanova will now automatically create the directory structure on your SD card to store Eve Online item images with a pre-created ".nomedia" file so that galleries don't pick them for creating thumbnails.
  • Changing the orientation on small devices should no longer cause a crash on some screens. However tablets with Android 3.2 still do (a lot!).

Many thanks to users who took the time to provide feedback and report problems. Please keep it coming!

Can I go update my training and make some ISK now?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

It's always someone's birthday out there

After much effort, here it comes. Version 0.91 of Evanova is here and has supposedly hit the market by now.

I have observed some weirdities that lead to crashes on a tablet after update, but all in all, I hope things will go smoothly to all folks in null sec and elsewhere. If you experience any recurring crash, try un-installing and re-installing the application.

Make sure you (re)visit the Help and Api Keys pages for updated information and consider creating new API keys rather than using the legacy ones with Evanova.

Fly safe!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


It is about time the developer of this application updates this blog.
Evanova is moving forward. As mentioned previously, an update is on the way but not there yet (in a few ..ahem...days...weeks...). There has been a lot of changes on the Eve Online front, mostly regarding API keys, and that caused an increase of pain reliever sells at the local pharmacy. But let me introduce you to new features:


New Api Keys

Evanova now fully supports the new API key system and its customization. You will be able to view your credentials as if you were on the Eve API keys page. The Accounts view has been revamped to that affect and offers new options. You will also be able to import your API keys by scanning them from Evanova's QR code page.

Items Database

With popular demand comes increased usage of your device's storage space. Evanova now includes an item database which you can freely browse through.
Be aware that this feature will ultimately require about 20Mb of free space on your device. You may move Evanova to your SD card if your device supports it, but you will not be able to use the widgets in this case (an Android limitation which makes sense from a dev point of view).

That's my ship!

Full item description is also included in the items database. You can browse through all categories or hit the search icon to find a specific item.

I spent too much

At last! Pilots Wallet journal and transactions are now available. Switch from your wallet journal or transactions with a press on the title.

Did I mention a widget?

I must have...A basic widget it is. It will be improved!
Please keep in mind that the widget will not be available if you move Evanova to your SD card.

On the Corporation side

The current corporation screen will get a face lift too. Although the upcoming version will not have support for what menu buttons promise, features will come soon after.
The new screens will behave pretty much the same way as the pilot screens do. There will be a corporation list, a gallery and an individual corporation view.
Here, have a preview (feedback welcomed):

How about tablets?

A new API Keys tab has been added from which you can manage your keys, corporations and pilots, and the Items database has been added to the Evanopedia tab. All features described above are of course available on tablets. Here's an item detail:

In addition to the above screen shots, expect improvements in the mail and notification area...And many other things that aren't visible ;-)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

3000 downloads and counting!

Evanova has reached 3000 downloads today! I would like to thank everyone for the support, help and great feedback. Stay tuned for upcoming updates, after some well deserved holidays. Thanks all!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

You've got Mail

Evanova version 0.89 is now available on the market
Foreword:  unfinished mandatory post...

Please, reload all your pilots after the update to update your mail boxes and other information.

What's New?
  • Ever tried, ever mailed? Try again, mail again, mail better...
    Hit the "Reload mail" button on the main Mail window for full effect!
  • Evanova is now Open on the market, so rooted devices should be able to download it.
  • You can now relocate Evanova to the SD card if your device allows it.
What's Fixed?
  • Removed pilots should no longer respawn at each application start.
  • Large screen-size devices should no longer have a black band on the left hand-side.
  • More...

Monday, 11 July 2011

Version 0.87 is here!

Sorry for those who were waiting for a Mail feature, but version 0.87 will be a maintenance release with many bug fixes, performance improvements and polishing after a lot of excellent feedback.

Note for rooted and non Google Market devices
This version will still not be available to you for security and confidentiality reasons. Hopefully a later release will have an APK freely available, but so far there isn't enough time warping in the universe to allow for support and help to those who would get the APK from other means than the market.

So what's changed?

  • Fixed a bug where known skills for a pilot would not should up on Android 2.1 or earlier devices. This *may* also fix a problem with some people not seeing assets or market orders.
  • Fixed a hungry server status update. Server status updates now honour the API cache unless told to be reloaded from the Server Status view. You can also choose when to update the server status from the settings menu.
  • The "Settings" button on the dashboard for small devices has been replaced with an "Accounts" button, which will lead you to the accounts view of the Pilots screen directly. You can still access the application settings from the menu button. You can also access the Accounts view by clicking on the pilot list title as usual.
  • Disabled links in corporation descriptions that were leading to nowhere since they reference an Eve client function. This will be handled better in the future.
  • The application now starts up with a splashscreen instead of a big dark void and automatically updates existing accounts at startup (NOT pilots!). New accounts found are automatically imported with all their pilots, if the "Auto Import API Keys" setting is enabled.
  • A new 'Add Account' menu option has been added for those who dare entering their user ID and API key manually. You can find this option under the menu button when you're in the Accounts view, or in the Character screen on tablets. Note that the dialog box will be pre-populated with the first key found in the clipboard, if any.
  • Much better overall API key handling and importing.
  • Better training notification handling (still not there yet). Now compatible with all Android versions.
  • Better device screen size and orientation handling (and less 'Force Close' dialogs!).
  • You can now choose to disable the background image or portrait on some screens from the application settings .
  • Double-taping on the Character view on tablets will hide the character details and show a plain pilot portrait, like the Character Gallery on small devices.
  • Added a confirmation dialog to the "Wallpaperize" feature and added the feature to Corporations.
  • Added a "Remove Corporation" menu button.
  • Many informative and cosmetic changes

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Version 0.85 released

After a few hickups caused by some misconfiguration, a new version of Evanova is available for download! See the Release page for details.
As always, comments, requests and feedback are very welcomed. Also please leave a comment indicating what device you are using and as much details as you can provide if you have any issue with the application. I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.
In the next version...
What would YOU like to see first? Mail or Wallet?
Comment on this page and cast your vote for the next Evanova major feature: in-game mail (+1) or wallet and transactions (-1)?

Friday, 17 June 2011

Release the hounds!

Evanova is now available on the Android Market. Follow this link to get the application.
For Android mobile devices, you can use this direct link to the Market

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Introducing Evanova.

Traquenard.Labs is proud to present the upcoming Evanova for Eve Online mobile application. Evanova allows you to track Eve Online, Pilot and Corporation information on an Android mobile phone or tablet.

Before the long speech, here's some introductory screenshots (names, portrait and ISK are fictive of course!).

Dashboard - Small Devices

Character Summary View

All Pilots at a glance

Knowing your skills, or what you don't know
Tablets get a better view...

Note: above pictures don't display actual data and portraits.


Evanova supports Android 2.1 and later versions, including Android Honeycomb 3.0.x. It should also run on older Android versions but hasn't been tested on those platforms since Android 2.3 has become the de-facto version for current devices.
Tested devices
  • HTC Hero Android 2.1.x
  • Google Nexus One Android 2.3.x
  • Motoral XOOM with Android 3.0.1 and 3.1 (as reported by Chadwill)
  • Asus EEE Pad Transformer with Android 3.1


  • What exactly does it do (or does not do)?
    Evanova allows you to view many aspects of the pilots for which you have the API keys. You can view your training queues, assets or markets orders in a glance. You can also view information about the corporations your pilots are in. More corporation management is planned in further versions as Evanova would like to be a one-stop-shop for your Eve Online info while on the move.

    Evanova also includes a server status view so you will always know when Tranquility is down!
  • How is it different from other existing Android applications for Eve Online?
    Evanova brings you the simplicity of use of IPhone-like applications while leveraging the full capabilities of your Android phone or tablet, bringing the best of both worlds. So far, no application specifically aimed at Android tablets exist on the market.
  • Yet another application that wants my API keys? No way!
    Evanova is built with your account security as a priority. It does not and will never collect any information from you or your device besides the API keys you provide it. Your private data is protected as best as the Android platform can provide in application data protection. Evanova will also never show your API keys or allow you to access them through the interface.

    Of course, little can be done if your phone is lost or stolen...
  • It really looks like an IPhone application I know...
    The graphic design of Evanova was indeed inspired by the great-looking Capsuleer IPhone Application which is very regretfully no longer maintained.
    Since Capsuleer was not ported to Android phones, inspiration was taken from where great work was done...
  • Where/When/How is it available?
    Evanova will be available with limited features on the Android Market for free for small devices and tablets. Further development and enhancements may come with a possible/yet-to-be-decided small fee (business licensing with CCP is being clarified as time of writing, so it is too early to decide). The application will be available "when it is ready". It is in its later stage of development and still requires polishing and bug squashing. Additional features will appear in further versions.
    Seriously, it's a lot of work for a single pilot!
  • Who are you?
    Traquenard Labs. is a group of close and tight friends with a strong interest in making things. The author of this program (that would be the author of this post so far) works in the software industry, roams Eve Online around <Undisclosed Solar System> when not exploring more technological magic. AMA.

Fly safer with Evanova!