Monday, 11 July 2011

Version 0.87 is here!

Sorry for those who were waiting for a Mail feature, but version 0.87 will be a maintenance release with many bug fixes, performance improvements and polishing after a lot of excellent feedback.

Note for rooted and non Google Market devices
This version will still not be available to you for security and confidentiality reasons. Hopefully a later release will have an APK freely available, but so far there isn't enough time warping in the universe to allow for support and help to those who would get the APK from other means than the market.

So what's changed?

  • Fixed a bug where known skills for a pilot would not should up on Android 2.1 or earlier devices. This *may* also fix a problem with some people not seeing assets or market orders.
  • Fixed a hungry server status update. Server status updates now honour the API cache unless told to be reloaded from the Server Status view. You can also choose when to update the server status from the settings menu.
  • The "Settings" button on the dashboard for small devices has been replaced with an "Accounts" button, which will lead you to the accounts view of the Pilots screen directly. You can still access the application settings from the menu button. You can also access the Accounts view by clicking on the pilot list title as usual.
  • Disabled links in corporation descriptions that were leading to nowhere since they reference an Eve client function. This will be handled better in the future.
  • The application now starts up with a splashscreen instead of a big dark void and automatically updates existing accounts at startup (NOT pilots!). New accounts found are automatically imported with all their pilots, if the "Auto Import API Keys" setting is enabled.
  • A new 'Add Account' menu option has been added for those who dare entering their user ID and API key manually. You can find this option under the menu button when you're in the Accounts view, or in the Character screen on tablets. Note that the dialog box will be pre-populated with the first key found in the clipboard, if any.
  • Much better overall API key handling and importing.
  • Better training notification handling (still not there yet). Now compatible with all Android versions.
  • Better device screen size and orientation handling (and less 'Force Close' dialogs!).
  • You can now choose to disable the background image or portrait on some screens from the application settings .
  • Double-taping on the Character view on tablets will hide the character details and show a plain pilot portrait, like the Character Gallery on small devices.
  • Added a confirmation dialog to the "Wallpaperize" feature and added the feature to Corporations.
  • Added a "Remove Corporation" menu button.
  • Many informative and cosmetic changes


  1. A last minute version 0.88 has been released with an attempt to fix a startup crash on some devices. Android is great and full of surprises!

  2. ...and it inadvertently has the Mail enabled ;-)
    Please bear in mind it's not finished yet.

  3. my only issue atm, is it keeps loading all the toons i have on each account no matter how many times i remove them.

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