Saturday, 16 July 2011

You've got Mail

Evanova version 0.89 is now available on the market
Foreword:  unfinished mandatory post...

Please, reload all your pilots after the update to update your mail boxes and other information.

What's New?
  • Ever tried, ever mailed? Try again, mail again, mail better...
    Hit the "Reload mail" button on the main Mail window for full effect!
  • Evanova is now Open on the market, so rooted devices should be able to download it.
  • You can now relocate Evanova to the SD card if your device allows it.
What's Fixed?
  • Removed pilots should no longer respawn at each application start.
  • Large screen-size devices should no longer have a black band on the left hand-side.
  • More...


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the great app! It is working great!

  2. @Fiss
    Thanks for taking the time to visit around :)

  3. My account is limited for some reason...I can't access my mail or assets

  4. I had this problem too. U need to use red api, not yellow.

    As a side note eveanova, how can i clear already read mails? Deleting them in game doesnt work. & for some reason, if i get a pos notification, it says i got mail, yet, cannot find on this app where it is. I suspect its hidden, so ive got unread mails i cant read.

    Hope this helps in terms of bug fixing....

  5. @drhitsgood: you need too use a full API key (info icon on accounts appears green instead of blue on Evanova).

    There is no way at the moment to remove the already read mails...This is something I need to work on. And yes, deleting them from the game won't delete them from Evanova as it is very hard to know for sure that a mail was deleted from the API.
    Also, notifications are partially implemented and half working well...

    Thanks for your feedback and bug reports.

  6. Hey just popping in to say I like the app. Looks sexy too!

  7. I'm really enjoying the app too. When will it be able to use the new api keys?

  8. @Scott
    Yes, I am polishing things off and new API keys support (and much more) is coming soon.

    Check this out.

  9. Just downloaded the app, it looks great but I have a couple of problems. 1) i have tried to add another API but when the details are added in the add button stays grey'ed out. 2) my main characters API (created custom api, with all ticked) cant get my mail even though the character has been updated the mail button stays grey'ed out. Apart from these small problems the app looks great.

  10. @J.McG

    What do you mean by the "Add" button? Is this the one from the device's menu or the "Import" option from the context menu (when you long-press a key row). I'm asking because the (+ ADD) button is never disabled so it is normally never grayed out and always available. The "Import" option from the context menu is enabled for new keys only (otherwise it's a "reload").

    As for the mail button being grayed out...I'll look at it but it usually happens when people mix their keys. Can you tell me what is the mask of the key you are using (I don't need the key, just the mask value).

  11. @J.McG

    I must admit I never re-tested the manual import since it's a real pain. I'll check it out but in the meantime, try using the QR code import. It's much easier to use then going manual.