Wednesday, 21 September 2011


It is about time the developer of this application updates this blog.
Evanova is moving forward. As mentioned previously, an update is on the way but not there yet (in a few ..ahem...days...weeks...). There has been a lot of changes on the Eve Online front, mostly regarding API keys, and that caused an increase of pain reliever sells at the local pharmacy. But let me introduce you to new features:


New Api Keys

Evanova now fully supports the new API key system and its customization. You will be able to view your credentials as if you were on the Eve API keys page. The Accounts view has been revamped to that affect and offers new options. You will also be able to import your API keys by scanning them from Evanova's QR code page.

Items Database

With popular demand comes increased usage of your device's storage space. Evanova now includes an item database which you can freely browse through.
Be aware that this feature will ultimately require about 20Mb of free space on your device. You may move Evanova to your SD card if your device supports it, but you will not be able to use the widgets in this case (an Android limitation which makes sense from a dev point of view).

That's my ship!

Full item description is also included in the items database. You can browse through all categories or hit the search icon to find a specific item.

I spent too much

At last! Pilots Wallet journal and transactions are now available. Switch from your wallet journal or transactions with a press on the title.

Did I mention a widget?

I must have...A basic widget it is. It will be improved!
Please keep in mind that the widget will not be available if you move Evanova to your SD card.

On the Corporation side

The current corporation screen will get a face lift too. Although the upcoming version will not have support for what menu buttons promise, features will come soon after.
The new screens will behave pretty much the same way as the pilot screens do. There will be a corporation list, a gallery and an individual corporation view.
Here, have a preview (feedback welcomed):

How about tablets?

A new API Keys tab has been added from which you can manage your keys, corporations and pilots, and the Items database has been added to the Evanopedia tab. All features described above are of course available on tablets. Here's an item detail:

In addition to the above screen shots, expect improvements in the mail and notification area...And many other things that aren't visible ;-)


  1. Any updates? I got a second eve account, but can't get a legacy api for it.

  2. @ScottCDTx

    Hello. Sorry for the delay. An update should come during the next week-end, after squashing the last remaining issues and ironing out some features.

    Also, the next-next version will have the small devices and tablets as separate downloads to speed up updates (it took too long for this version!).

  3. Doesn't work on my Motorola Cliq XT. I get the message "The application Evanova (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again later."

  4. @Alexian Duncan.

    Hi! Do you have a "Report Error" button you can hit when this happen? I can find out more easily what is going on.

    However, a common reason is that you don't have enough storage space left on your device. Evanova requires about 10Mb (less at first install, and more in the next version). Can you check if you have enough space remaining?

    Thanks for reporting back.

  5. there is no report button and I have 1gb of storage left.

  6. nah
    android always asks you if you if you want do send an error report when a program crashes..

  7. I Hope this Weekend v0.9 get "deployed".
    Only got the new Aspi keys....

  8. there is only 1 button and it is "OK." after I hit that it goes back to my main screen...

  9. @Bistyboy
    I hope so too ;-) I am currently testing the deployment of that new version. There are some minor UI bugs that I am going to have to let go...

    I am not sure why you do not have this "Report" button on a crash. Did you pick up the APK from the Android market or some other alternate one? In the meantime I'll look up on the intertubes see if I can find why.

    Your crash reports are important to us!

  10. @Alexian
    From a quick read, it seems that the Motorola Cliq XT is stuck in Android 2.0.1 or lower. The crash report button comes with Android 2.1 as far as I can reckon.

    Unfortunately, there's nothing much I'll be able to do to help you, unless you are a little dev savvy and want to tinker with the Android SDK a bit and get debug logs from your device...

    Also, I may drop support for Android < 2.0.1 as it is very difficult sometimes to keep compatibility, as we're noticing right now ;-)

  11. Can u give us a Status update about V0.9?

  12. "Can u give us a Status update about V0.9?"

    Sure...*ahem*. It should be there before tomorrow. I am fixing a last non-functioning widget and it should be all set.

    Note that devices running on Android 1.5 will be out of luck and the current version 0.89 should not have been tagged for 1.5.

    @Alexis: this is probably the issue you're having. Some Android functions that Evanova uses don't exist on 1.5 and causes crashes. Unfortunately, with the amount of features that require higher Android version, 1.5 will no longer be supported(able).

    Your dedicated Evanova developer can't wait for Android 4.0...

  13. Oh noes, I almost forgot I need to rewrite the documentation... ;-)

  14. yehaa!
    before tommorow sounds great xD

  15. Its my birthday on the 12th, so that would be nice. Dont forget to mention , on main market page that certain versions arnt supported.

  16. Well...I posted an update on the Android market minutes before your comment.

    Happy birthday ;-)
    I hope I didn't screw it all :P

  17. This app FTW!

    It is good to see the continual development and good communication to keep everyone informed.

    With regards to the Widget, for me It doesn't seem to be updating the Time Remaining is this normal? Is it to be included in future updates?

  18. @Glen
    Unfortunately the widget update is not working very well (something to do with some Android limitations on widgets). I will admit it is not my main priority to fix it ;-)

    Thanks for the feedback