Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Candles are up

'It's always someone's birthday out there'. Today it's mine.
And I submit to you a few screenshots on what's coming.

But before that, let me throw some numbers at you:
Evanova was first put on the market on the 21 june 2011. Within 4 months, there has been, according to Google's buggy market numbers, more than 9500 downloads, and 4300+ devices are currently using it. All I can say is thank you all!
I like those numbers a lot, so please keep them growing by telling your friends ;-)

Screenshots I said

Pilot Certificates.
You will be able to see your grades and details about certificates, the same way you can view your pilot's skills. There is also a secret plan about skills and planning them...

Money, money, money...
Corporations have members
Those depressing grayed out icons in the Corporation view are about to light up. Things are underway.

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