Tuesday, 11 October 2011

It's always someone's birthday out there

After much effort, here it comes. Version 0.91 of Evanova is here and has supposedly hit the market by now.

I have observed some weirdities that lead to crashes on a tablet after update, but all in all, I hope things will go smoothly to all folks in null sec and elsewhere. If you experience any recurring crash, try un-installing and re-installing the application.

Make sure you (re)visit the Help and Api Keys pages for updated information and consider creating new API keys rather than using the legacy ones with Evanova.

Fly safe!


  1. Nice, but can't use it - shows my API keys as "key has expired", while they obviously work (full access API keys).

  2. Hi. Are you using the old API keys or did you create new ones? Older keys may not work very well and I highly recommend you create new ones for Evanova.The QR-code page is the easiest way to import them.

    I'll look into the old keys behaviour in Evanova see if I can improve backward compatibility. But definitely, support for legacy keys will not last long...

  3. @n3mo
    I investigated a bit further and indeed, if you are new to Evanova or refreshed your data completely, you can not import old API keys (as I suppose that is what happens as I don't see any other reason for the problem). Use new ones instead (check this blog's pages for more info).

  4. No matter what I try (like the legacy, new, or the 'new new' keys) nothing works... I have done the QR code thing to add them.

  5. ^^Forgot to add I created new ones just for your app

  6. @xDracos
    Did you copy ALL of them at once on the QR code field, or did you do it one by one? Many devices won't import more than one line at a time for camera resolution reasons: when you create a QR code with a lot of data, scanners may not pick it up correctly. This happened to me and I usually copy/paste one line at a time.

    If all else fails...Can you detail how you're doing it?


  7. I was doing them one at a time. I went into the new API page at the Eve webpage and created an new 'full access' API key, then copied/pasted it into the fields (key ID in the key field, API in the API... I actually had to double check that, LOL!) Hit the generate QR code button and opened the QR scanner from the Evanova app and it said it took it but 15 min later still nothing. I had to do the 'api_keys.txt' to get it to work. I do want to say thank you for the great app, though!

  8. About importing keys:

    I cleaned my Nexus One (Android 2.3.1) and downloaded Evanova from the market. I then went to the API keys screen after the welcome page, hit the Menu button, then "Add", chose the "QR Code" option and went on the new Api keys page on my PC web browser.

    From there I copied a full account key line (ALL characters, mask=134217727) from my list of keys, pasted it in the QR text field on the QR code page and scanned the generated QR code.

    It worked like a charm...I also tried on an HTC Hero (Android 2.1) with a different mask (16506431) and that did the job too.

    I am not sure what could be wrong with the "new new keys". Are you actually connected to any network? Evanova doesn't really warn against network errors (that is something I need to change), so sometimes you're left in the void. Also I have noticed that the Eve Online API servers sometimes don't respond to HTTPS requests (more secure) so Evanova's API url has to be switched to "HTTP" instead (check the application settings).

    I will probably add a network check in a next release to avoid this kind of confusion but besides that, I am not sure what could be wrong.

    Meh :(

  9. I think it was... I have the network on at all times (Asus Transformer w/wireless) Maybe it's just because it's rooted and rom'd? Anyway I created an API text file and uploaded it to my tablet through Dropbox and it works perfectly!

  10. Glad it worked, one way or the other!

    I'll give my Transformer a test drive soon, so far it's stuck with "Key has expired" - oh noes! ;-)

  11. I too was having problems with my keys after update. So after messing around a bit, i long pressed each key i think, & reloaded. I think that worked. Went to each of my characters, & reloaded them. Now works.

    Id also like to add, under my mail, where it says it was sent by, why is it a number & not the name of the person who sent it?

  12. @Adeena
    Yes, the key update is still a little annoying at times, mostly when you update an existing Evanova with old keys.

    Regarding the mail and the "Sent by". The numbers are the character Ids that are provided by the Eve Online API. They don't provide the names in the mail API, which is annoying since the market transactions DO contain names for instance (which is why they display fine on the wallet screens).
    The only way to fix this is to make a request to the Eve API server for the character names. I will probably add that at some point in the future but I wanted to avoid too many requests for the same usual network-usage reason. But that's definitely something I want to change.

  13. Ok, awesome. 1 more thing, when u open app, go to info, the link right at the top taking u to this blog page, is broken. Too many http's in there. Link needs fixing.

  14. @Evanova
    I created new keys, imported them through QR and it worked without a glitch, so it wasn't a big issue. Another is that Evanova seems to copy quite a few images to /sdcard/DCIM/Camera every once in a while: character's portrait, corporation logo and such, and their thumbnails. It makes the /camera a bit mesy, since it's a standard Android's camera image dir. Just a small annoyance.

  15. @n3mo

    Yes I just noticed that it's kinda of messy within my gallery application. I'll try to see if I can avoid the thumbnails.

    I also have 1500+ items icons on my SD card. I can say my gallery thumbnail view isn't happy! :D

    I'll look into it.

  16. When I try I try to use the qr code page it says I need to "Copy/Paste one key from the Eve API Key page". What is the the "one" key I need to enter here?

    1. It is the key you get from the Eve Online API keys page: