Sunday, 16 October 2011

Reload ALL the things

A bug fix version (0.92) has hit the spot. Reload your keys, pilots and corporations after checking out the list down below.

Changes Etc...

  • Old API keys are now fully supported as it was before. The code for handling them as been put back by *ahem* popular demand.
  • The Api Keys detail screen now shows your account status when available.
  • Fixed some crashes while attempting to download data from Eve Online
  • Fixed a batch of bugs in widgets. Note that tablets still lack larger ones.
  • Mails now have a name on it. Senders are not a number, they are a real pilot!
  • After a short venture in Android's media store, Evanova is back to storing media files in its own way. Using the media store caused the device's gallery app(s) thumbnails to be filled up with portraits and turned out to be a bad idea in the end. Also, Evanova will now automatically create the directory structure on your SD card to store Eve Online item images with a pre-created ".nomedia" file so that galleries don't pick them for creating thumbnails.
  • Changing the orientation on small devices should no longer cause a crash on some screens. However tablets with Android 3.2 still do (a lot!).

Many thanks to users who took the time to provide feedback and report problems. Please keep it coming!

Can I go update my training and make some ISK now?


  1. Theres a bug, under settings, it doesnt save my notification sound as i want to change it. Also, the background img, i could change, as i had my own eve one i created which was a nice feature. Since the bug fixes, its now a black screen, and only the eveanova one works.

  2. Well, I played around for a bit and everything seems to be in order now. Just one more thingie - I know there was an account subscription timer somewhere in previous versions, but I don't see it now. I think it would be greatly appreciated by all "skill queue online" players :)

  3. Is there any Chance to change were the Mini images from pilots etc gets saved?
    I have them all in my "camera" directory...

  4. @n3mo: You will find the account expiration (for V2 keys only) within the Api Keys details.
    Once a key is imported, long-press on it and you should see a context menu. Select "Details" and the top of the screen should show your account info.

    Note that this was put back in with version 0.92.

  5. @Bistyboy:

    Using the media store was a bad design decision from my part with v0.91. Images are no longer using the media store with v0.92 so this gallery pollution should no longer occur once you've upgraded. Images are now back to be saved internally in a dedicated database within Evanova.

  6. Is there a way to view wallet transactions? As i cant find it.

  7. @Adeena

    The Wallet button is hiding on the right-hand side of the character screen button row. If you don't see it, scroll the menu buttons to the left a little bit. On the Character Wallet screen, you can switch between the wallet journal and transactions by clicking on the title or using the device menu.

  8. Yes i found it, thanks! Any news on the bug fixing, regarding the settings option on the notification sound and background pictures?

    The reason i want to change my sound, and it save it, is, i got the mp3 skill training completed :-D

  9. @Adeena

    Glad it works. I must admit it isn't so intuitive to scroll that menu bar but it's the only solution I have find to avoid bloating the UI. Once you get used to it, it's great.

    Regarding the sound and background fixes. The background problem is fixed in the code I have but I didn't look at the sound at all. I am taking my sweet time lately (experimenting with Android 4.0 and FINALLY played Eve for more than 1/2h!) so I cannot promise an update right-away. I would like to have the corporation menu buttons fully working before doing another update. The background fix doesn't really justify pushing an update.

  10. @Evenova, I might be just being blind and annoying, but I can't see the account expiration time. After selecting "details", I see a box on top with key details (name, key - mask) and below is a list of permissions. I have "new" keys and evanova 0.92

  11. @n3mo

    You're probably not blind if you can use Evanova, and definitely NOT annoying at all ;-)

    There are a few conditions for the account status to be displayed:

    * It works for Account and Character keys, but not Corporations (there is no account related to a corporation).

    * You need to have activated the "AccountStatus" key option on your key, otherwise Evanova cannot access it.

    Then, on the key details screen, you should see something like this

  12. @Evanova

    Thanks for your patience, I found what was the problem. When I made a key for just one character on account, Evenova didn'd display the box, like this: But when I created and imported a key for "all characters" it worked as you said.

    Now, if only you could show it as "XX days to expire" instead of expiration date, it would be perfect :)

  13. @n3mo

    "Now, if only you could show it as "XX days to expire" instead of expiration date, it would be perfect :)"

    I knew you would ask! :D
    I personally prefer having the date, and adding one more line of text would eat up more screen estate than I like.

    This blog should have a real vote feature ;-)

  14. So make it a toggle option like "account time format" -> "date" or "countdown" :)

  15. When messages are deleted in eve, reloading messages in evanova doesn't update with deleted messages being removed from the message ques. The deleted messages are still in the message ques as if they still exixted.

  16. @Michel
    Yes, there is no real "Delete mail" in Evanova so far but I will definitely take this into account for the next release.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  17. When I try to make a QR code there is big fin in box that says I need to to put one key there from the API page. I have no idea what it does not seem to work with out it.

    1. In the QR code page, you have 2 choices:

      You can add your ID and Key in the 2 text boxes, or you can copy one full line from the list of Api keys on the Eve support web site ( into the bigger box.

      Once you have done one or the other, hit the "Generate QR code" and you should be all set.

  18. It works great now thanks!

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