Thursday, 1 December 2011

Winter is coming.

A distant someone with a permanently anchored container in my heart recently mentioned that I don't post often enough about the latest and greatest in Evanova. This anchored one being absolutely right, and to celebrate the first snow flakes, I finally hit the "Take a screenshot" button again. So, here's some more of upcoming features in what will be 'version 0.93' (hopefully before New Years...Eve). Brace yourself!
  • Skill Planning for Pilots. Yeah! You will also be able to import your plans from EveMon.
  • Contracts and Industry Jobs for Pilots and Corporations.
  • Members list (as shown earlier) and Wallet for Corporations.
  • A good number of fixes and performance improvements.
  • Lots of other minor things.
  • Sorry, no ship fitting tool yet...

New Contracts and Industry buttons added to the scrolling menu on the character view.
The Character Training View displays planned skills. Blue borders indicate a queued skill, while grey borders indicate a planned one. Oh, and there are improvements in the way squares are blinking ;-)
You can now choose what to display on this same Character Training view, and import EveMon skill plans.
The skill details view will tell you if a skill is in your planning.
List of industry jobs for as long as you can remember.


  1. Looks good. Remember, can u fix the notification bug i got as it doesnt save when i select a new tone. & custom wallpaper isnt working. There just black screens

  2. Love the plans. Any idea of when these will be implemented?

  3. Great plans he? Well, I will admit to the world that I took some lazy vacation time lately and made slow progress on the tablet side, which is holding things back.

    Also, Star Wars The Old Republic is partially to blame ;-)

    I can't promise much but I hope for an early february date.

    Oh my, there is also Diablo III coming soon!

  4. Hey, any plans on maybe a direct download of the apk of your app? I have a kindle fire, and there are no apps for eve on the amazon market, and the android market wont let kindle fire use there site. If i can get the apk i can then side load it on my kindle!

  5. @Reboot

    I indeed needed to add Evanova to the Amazon Market. I have just submitted version 0.92 for review. It should be there soon.

  6. That's great news. I had an andriod phone and your app was a life saver. I don't have a smart phone anymore, so getting it on my kindle would be great. I'm looking forward to it being in the amazon market!