Monday, 10 December 2012

10.036 and counting!

This blog is not updated often, but when it does...

Before some update news, thank you to all the Capsuleers that are actively using Evanova. During its inception, the initial goal of Evanova was to reach a hundred happy few who would venture in trying one of these free Android apps by an unknown developer, yet again.

It turned out to be 5000 happy few using Evanova after only 5 months. This felt like flying a drake while thinking it's a capital ship*.

Forward to today, out of more than 37.000 installations, Evanova has just passed the 10.000 active users, which feels like flying an actual capital ship*.

Thank you all for this. It is very encouraging to do more.

...and more is coming soon™

It has been too long since the last update and there hasn't been much news about Evanova here on this blog but enhancements are coming. When? As usually those things are hardly predictable, but end of year is very likely.

Quick overview of upcoming changes (besides the numerous performance enhancements, bug fixes and cosmetic changes)

  • Upgraded for Retribution.
  • Nexus 7 and other tablets with a similar size will benefit from the tablet version (screenshots coming soon). An option to switch back to the smaller layout is in the plan in the near future.
  • The list of mails has grown some buttons. You will be able to mark mails and notifications as read or unread.
  • Many screens have been changed to be swipe-able. Instead of more icon clicking, you can now swipe to switch the displayed information (screenshot coming soon).
  • Skill planning has been completely revamped. Instead of having a different screen to edit your skill plan, it is now integrated with the list of trainings. You will also be able to drag and drop planned skills in order to re-organise them.


Evanova is slowly but surely going open source. This is currently in progress and requires a lot of effort to bring the code out, but it is going there. With the numerous changes in Eve API and the future introduction of CREST, help is needed to keep Evanova and related by-products going. Anyone interested in participating in any kind of effort is welcomed, there is always something to do!

How does this works?

Step 1: send an e-mail to with your interest and skills. You will receive a prompt reply.

Step 2: If you are not afraid of Java, Android and their development tools, have a look at Evanova's Eve API and Evanova's library on BitBucket. If this appeals to you, go with Step 1.

Step 3: if you are afraid of the aforementioned thingamagics, you can also contribute in documentation, images or testing. Every skill is helpful. Go with Step 1!

Please note that the Evanova application code is not opened and is only accessible to private developers (see step 1). It may become available to everyone at a later time, but there is no immediate plans for doing so.

*: m..........r

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Evanova 1.1 and Skill Planning

Oh sweet! Evanova has been updated!

Since the title mentions skill planning, let's talk about this; please keep in mind that skill planning is not available on tablets yet.

How does Skill Planning works?

To add a skill to your skill plan, you need to choose a pilot and go to the Skill screen. From there, a long press on a skill you aren't fully trained in will trigger a message asking you if you want to add this skill to your skill plan.

Let's say we long-clicked on 'Navigation'

If you accept this challenge, you will be presented with the Skill Planning screen, added with the skill you have selected up to its maximum. You can then choose the levels you want to train before hitting "Save".
Note that skills that are required for the skill you want plan will be automatically added to your pilot's skill plan.

Once you have added a skill to your Skill plan, it should show up with an orange colour in your pilot's skill list (the yellow colour still indicates a skill already in the training queue):

The pilot's training view will also list your planned trainings:

Should you wish to re-order the skills in your skill plan, long-press on the left-hand side of a skill row and drag it up or down.

Note that you can toggle from viewing your skill plan or skill queue using the action bar or menu on your device. You can also access your pilot's skill plan through the menu or by touching the upper section of the training screen.

EveMon support

The Skill Planning screen allows you to import or export your skill plan from/to the EveMon software. The options are accessible through the device's menu.

Important Tip

Don't forget to hit the 'Save' button if you want your changes to be taken into account while in the Skill Planning screen.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Welcome to Evanova 1.0

After a year of existence, I am pleased to write that Evanova has now reached 1.0 and is available on Google Play.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time and pain to try the Beta version and helped finding bugs and other oddities.

I hope you will enjoy this new version, and I cross-fingers my fingers against the Evil Application Crashes.

What's New

* Pilots: contracts, industry jobs and research, better in-game mail.
* Corporations: limited member information, wallets, market orders, contracts, industry jobs.
* Better Gallery swiping. left-right swiping is also supported on the Pilots and Wallets screens.
* Better Android 4.0 integration. Tablets should now enjoy a larger version of Evanova.

F.A.Q and Al.

Besides the information you can find in the in-app About page, here's a few things that may still baffle you:

  • Why does the pilot view say "No skill planned" and where do I plan skills?
    The skill planner is still in the works ;-)
  • Where are the widgets? No Widgets?
    In order to publish version 1.0 earlier, I had to remove the Widgets support. Widgets will likely be back but in the form of a different Google Play application download. This will allow me to work with various Android versions and update Evanova more often.
  • The refresh icon on the title bars doesn't always spin.
    It's a known issue, and a pain to make sure it works on all versions of Android :-(
  • Amazon Kindle info
    The first version of Evanova got rejected from Amazon because of an obscure issue with the Notification sounds. I hope to re-submit it soon but some code needs to be worked out for this.
  • It's been a year. Why version 1.0 only?
    Evanova has now all the features I planned the application to have when I first started writing it. So there we are!

More later...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Evanova 1.0 BETA version available

I am glad I can finally say that a working BETA version of the next iteration of Evanova is available on Google Play.

It is NOT an update to the current version, which will come later, but a preview of the next version intended to gather problems, feedback and suggestions. While most features should Work As Intended™, please report any anomaly or problem as accurately as possible, including the device you are using, what you were doing and the weather outside by mail to Evanova or using in-game mail to Evanova Android. Do not use the Google Play comments as comments cannot be answered by developers.

Note that tablets and large devices are not properly supported yet, although Google Play allows you to download it (despite my good will). Use it at your own disappointment!

Help wanted!

I am looking for a pilot with Computer Graphics Skills 5 to design better icons and graphics for Evanova. Please let me know if you are interested and submit your ideas!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Evanova on Fire

I am pleased to announce that Evanova is now available on the Amazon Market.
Feedback from Kindle Fire equipped pilots is welcomed.

In other news, late update is very late and I apologize for the delay. With the arrival of Android 4.0 (ICS), a few modifications are required to keep Evanova looking as pretty as she does ;-)
But I am working on it!