Saturday, 11 February 2012

Evanova on Fire

I am pleased to announce that Evanova is now available on the Amazon Market.
Feedback from Kindle Fire equipped pilots is welcomed.

In other news, late update is very late and I apologize for the delay. With the arrival of Android 4.0 (ICS), a few modifications are required to keep Evanova looking as pretty as she does ;-)
But I am working on it!


  1. Is this available for kindle fire? I don't see it in the app store for kindle fire. Is an apk file available?

  2. @Michael

    Sorry for the long delay in the answer.
    It seems that Amazon rejected Evanova for use with the Kindle Fire because of the "Set as background" feature. I don't really have time at the moment to look into it, so I will re-submit Evanova with the next release. Coming soon(Tm)

  3. I dont know if this is the right place i appologize fot that if its the case . im a new.evanova user and i have an issue with the mail notifications. indeed what happens is that the notification remains in the top of my galaxy and i can't do anything to romove it ,if u are aware of this issue what should i do?

    thx for all
    pd: sorry english

    1. @Shezard

      Hello. Better is to send an e-mail ( but this blog is fine since I don't have a forum.

      To answer the question, yes, some notifications appear to linger with no way to cancel them. It is in my list of fixes. However, I believe they still go away when you use the "Clear all" option on the Notification bar.

      Thanks for reporting!

      P.S: your english is as good as mine, at least ;-)

  4. Hey, I use the app all the time but something (not sure if this can be done or not) that would really help is a function to track manufacturing and research. Just a thought. Contracts would be cool too but I dont think there's an api key function for that as of yet. Anyway just a thought. Thanks for the great app!

  5. Hi
    I haven't given news so far, but all those features will be in the next update. (Coming Very Soon (TM) I promise!). You will be able to track all your industry jobs, as well as contracts, both for pilots and corporations.
    And much more on the corporation side!

    I just need to get the thing done ;-)

  6. Any chance of a test version, to help bug hunt :)

  7. @nightscale

    Yes actually. I am very much considering this option and I am currently looking at how I can avoid the test APKs to go float around the intertubes uncontrollably. Currently, the solution I have involves the Android Market Licensing, which would require volunteers to have a active Google account.

    Any other idea would be very welcomed. I just want to make sure test versions will work only for testers, without impacting current users.

  8. Thats one way i guess, the other could be to change versin to have (test) in the versin and rekease via download on your website then it shouldnt interfee with the market ?

  9. I have considered that option and gave it a try today but for many reasons it's hardly manageable. Currently the solution I have will involve volunteers to replace their current Evanova version with a test APK file.
    The later will have to be sent by me by e-mail as
    (1) I have no internet space to store a file - believe it or not.

    (2) I don't really have time to setup a full blown bug tracker site without additional costs (unless I use some fake open source code project on Github or Google code, but that's cheating IMHO). I am also only able to deal with a very limited number of volunteers.

    (3) From what I reckon so far, the Android Market doesn't let people registered as testers see unpublished apps. I was hoping it would, but it doesn't seem to. I am not sure about updates yet.

    I hope to put this to a try soon.

  10. email sounds like a pretty cool idea, though could be hard to manage. i not sure about setting up a bug tracker sounds like alot of work to maintain etc etc.

    Hmm just thinking i know mozilla firefox releases two different versions on market the beta release and normal stable version.

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  12. It's almost August. Any updates to Evanova working on the Kindle Fire yet?

    1. I have just submitted version 1.1 for Amazon approval. It can take up to two weeks I believe.