Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Evanova 1.0 BETA version available

I am glad I can finally say that a working BETA version of the next iteration of Evanova is available on Google Play.

It is NOT an update to the current version, which will come later, but a preview of the next version intended to gather problems, feedback and suggestions. While most features should Work As Intended™, please report any anomaly or problem as accurately as possible, including the device you are using, what you were doing and the weather outside by mail to Evanova or using in-game mail to Evanova Android. Do not use the Google Play comments as comments cannot be answered by developers.

Note that tablets and large devices are not properly supported yet, although Google Play allows you to download it (despite my good will). Use it at your own disappointment!

Help wanted!

I am looking for a pilot with Computer Graphics Skills 5 to design better icons and graphics for Evanova. Please let me know if you are interested and submit your ideas!