Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Evanova 1.0 BETA version available

I am glad I can finally say that a working BETA version of the next iteration of Evanova is available on Google Play.

It is NOT an update to the current version, which will come later, but a preview of the next version intended to gather problems, feedback and suggestions. While most features should Work As Intended™, please report any anomaly or problem as accurately as possible, including the device you are using, what you were doing and the weather outside by mail to Evanova or using in-game mail to Evanova Android. Do not use the Google Play comments as comments cannot be answered by developers.

Note that tablets and large devices are not properly supported yet, although Google Play allows you to download it (despite my good will). Use it at your own disappointment!

Help wanted!

I am looking for a pilot with Computer Graphics Skills 5 to design better icons and graphics for Evanova. Please let me know if you are interested and submit your ideas!


  1. I have some experience in graphic design, but what's wrong with using the EVE icons? Unless you mean additional icons.

    I'm also just starting on android development, so I'm curious if your source is public or not. Please let me know. :)

    1. @Joe

      I would like to revamp the application icon and a few others. It is not a huge work but the application icon is the "branding", or what people first see of Evanova and my current knocked-up-in-a-minute one isn't satisfactory.

      All the other graphics are perfect, thanks to the the CCP toolkit. I wouldn't even have started this project without all those goodies.

      As for open sourcing some code, I am thinking about it to the point where I have created an empty Google Code project. More to come later I suppose ;-)

  2. I have a question about functionality. Do you have to reload the API info manually or should it do it automatically every so often. I am not being warned about having less than 24 hours in my skill queue because I assumed it would update automatically and warn me.

  3. @Corey

    Yes you have to reload the data from the API manually. When you hit one of the "reload" buttons, API info will be fetched according to the Evanova cache settings.

    Also, there is something that doesn't work well regarding the notifications vs the training times. I will look into it.

  4. Following up on Corey's comment, the widget view is also not updating with actual training times on my device, though when I tap to open the pilot view the correct remaining time is displayed.

    Would it be possible to fix this evemon style and have the countdown not be based on API pulls but on the device clock? Would be more handy that way.

    Love the app.

  5. @Shattered

    The widgets have been disabled in the beta since they were not satisfactory and plagued with issues such as the ones you mention. They won't probably be in the next release either as I am focusing more on the tablet features at the moment.

    I may actually create a separate application dedicated to adding widgets so they don't interfere with the main application, but again, that will probably be after a release version.

    Thanks for your message. Glad you like Evanova.

  6. Is the importing of evemon skill plans already working? I didn't find any way of importing a skill plan.

    1. @Landrus

      The Skill Planning feature is currently de-activated since it is not as usable as I would like it to be. It's on the stack of TODO Things