Sunday, 22 July 2012

Evanova 1.1 and Skill Planning

Oh sweet! Evanova has been updated!

Since the title mentions skill planning, let's talk about this; please keep in mind that skill planning is not available on tablets yet.

How does Skill Planning works?

To add a skill to your skill plan, you need to choose a pilot and go to the Skill screen. From there, a long press on a skill you aren't fully trained in will trigger a message asking you if you want to add this skill to your skill plan.

Let's say we long-clicked on 'Navigation'

If you accept this challenge, you will be presented with the Skill Planning screen, added with the skill you have selected up to its maximum. You can then choose the levels you want to train before hitting "Save".
Note that skills that are required for the skill you want plan will be automatically added to your pilot's skill plan.

Once you have added a skill to your Skill plan, it should show up with an orange colour in your pilot's skill list (the yellow colour still indicates a skill already in the training queue):

The pilot's training view will also list your planned trainings:

Should you wish to re-order the skills in your skill plan, long-press on the left-hand side of a skill row and drag it up or down.

Note that you can toggle from viewing your skill plan or skill queue using the action bar or menu on your device. You can also access your pilot's skill plan through the menu or by touching the upper section of the training screen.

EveMon support

The Skill Planning screen allows you to import or export your skill plan from/to the EveMon software. The options are accessible through the device's menu.

Important Tip

Don't forget to hit the 'Save' button if you want your changes to be taken into account while in the Skill Planning screen.


  1. What should I do if long click on a skill doesn't trigger a confirming dialog?

    ASUS TF300, Android 4.0

  2. cool ap but i get a fail every time i try to import from evemon

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