Friday, 25 January 2013


Evanova 1.2 Beta is out!

and it has a new icon.

Fellow Capsuleers, Rich C.E.Os, Gentle Carebears, Funny Gankers and Ebil Noobs.

If people could hear things scream in space you would most likely not hear about it anyway, so this short post is about the first test version of Evanova 1.2 being now available on Google Play.

So here it is:
Oh breaking news,
Oh shiny things,
Evanova 1.2 beta is now available for your curious eyes and bug scan probes.
Violets are still blue, don't worry.

Please keep in mind that this version is for testing and early feedback. You can report bugs or suggestions to Evanova or on this blog. If you feel more adventurous, you can also check the current list of issues and maybe add your own issue.

There are other projects that make up Evanova to which you may freely contribute. Have a look at the Eve API implementation and add your missing Eve API feature. You can also contribute by writing documentation, creating artwork or whatever you feel is relevant. More projects will be opened if needed be.

I wish to thank all of you who contributed, in no particular order:

Fil. for the graphics and icon ideas.
Ar. for all the bug fixes and enhancement in the Java code,
Val. for text editing, suggestions and general enthusiasm.
All the Capsuleers and C.E.Os who provided API keys for testing purposes.
My SO for putting up with so many hours of my coding Evanova.

Sorry if I forget to name some of you, I have an internet style short-term memory.


  1. Hey there ;)
    First of all evanova is great end of that. One thing tho, would it in 1.2 make in game maling 2way so you can answer mails via mobile phones¿

  2. @Magnus

    Unfortunately, the current API from Eve Online doesn't allow writing e-mails; The only thing that can be done is providing a link to Eve Gate but that's not really useful anyway.