Thursday, 11 April 2013

Evanova 1.2.1 is out.

I am amazed it didn't take Blizzard Time to get an Evanova update!
Said no one else but me.

Evanova 1.2.1 is hitting the stores as I am typing. This update brings in some bug fixes, noticeably in the notification department, although I am still not happy with them. It also has some more eye candies, performance enhancements and a few more options including the ability to switch between training and location display on the Character List.

As always, if you would like to suggest features, submit problems or get support on how to use Evanova, feel free to write to or, if you feel more adventurous, post an issue on BitBucket.

I must apologize to our Kindle/Amazon friends as I didn't submitted 1.2 to the Amazon Market, due to some technical issues. Evanova 1.2.1 has been submitted and should be available to Amazon users very soon.


  1. in the mail tab, thee check boxes to select a message to delete is too small, about 90% of the time trying to hit the box opens the message.
    also, if your lucky and are able to select a few boxes in a row & them miss the next box & it opens the mail & then you hit the back arrow, your previously checked boxes clear.
    are these items that can be fixed?

  2. Hi Ryan.

    I reckon those boxes are a little small and it is somewhat annoying. There is probably something that can be done.

    I'll look into it.

  3. i don't think its the size of the actual graphic of the box, i think its the area of space designated to recognize touch input, perhaps currently the size is like 6x6 pixils and should be 10x10 or the full size of the graphic, if you catch my meaning

    1. You are totally right. The touch area is the size of the checkbox which is very small, and needs to be extended, maybe with a short tap on the whole row.

  4. @see

  5. Hi Evanova,
    Noob user here coming from Aura..I have imported the API keys I used for Aura, wich seem to work great, untill I try to read my evemails....I hit refresh, the phone gives me a notification that I have 50 new mails (for any character that I try, always 50 new mails) and when I go to mail section no mail is displayed..On the refresh row I have Mailing lists selected and refresh button, nothing else. Any ideas? I have a Galaxy S4 with 4.2.2

    Great job in rest,


  6. Hello Evanova,
    I have a Galaxy Note II and I'm having trouble importing the API. The app sees the api and when I tap the api in the 'new api' window the import option pops up. But, when I tap (or press and hold) the import key option, nothing happens. Double checked api (and it works fine in Aura). Any ideas?

    1. Hi Paul

      I'll need some more info:

      * Does your Galaxy Note II displays the tablet or phone interface (tablets have left-hand side scrolling menus and no initial dashboard)?

      * Which method did you use to import the API key in the first place?

      *If you have disabled the option, try going to the settings menu and enable "auto-import API keys". Existing keys that aren't imported should reload automatically. If it does, then that gives me an idea of where to look.

    2. Thanks for the reply.
      1. I have smartphone (phone interface)
      2. I manually input
      3. Yes, I have checked auto import
      4. I also have working Aura

      a)I now have: api_keys.txt
      b)Located at: sdcard/Evanove/api_keys.txt
      c)format is:
      #My Character name

      When I turn it on, it says importing
      I go to API keys and I see
      - My ID number
      - SD Card/evanova/api_keys.txt
      If I press and hold, I get a menu with an import option, but nothing happens when pressed.
      *nothing under the 'capsuleers' button

    3. Thanks Paul for the details. I am definitely taking note of this.

      Would you mind trying the QR code import? You can generate a QR code from this page:

  7. I videoed the issue here:
    I don't get any option to QR

    1. Your video has got to be the best report I've ever received!

      What I can see is that Evanova is displaying the notification icon "Evanova is loading stuff...", which tells me it is trying to get your API info, and that you are on a mobile network.

      Can you check the Evanova settings and see if the "Don't use mobile networks" option is disabled? This might be the cause (and the notification icon should not display for very long).

  8. Thanks Evanova.
    Still no luck. My Loading notification icon never goes away. I've tuned off my phone and rebooted but it comes back.

  9. I added another key to check if the first key was somehow corrupted but the new one doesn't work either.

  10. If it helped you to see it, let me know and I can post another video of my settings or whatever you think might be the issue.