Monday, 1 July 2013

Corners, Containers and Contracts.

Fellow capsuleers, Evanova 1.2.3 has been pushed to Google Play and Amazon Store.

Besides the usual bug fixes and improvements (oh gallery! I am glad you're back), here's the mandatory list of interesting changes:


What do you mean, 
it looks very much the same?
The round corners that are so IPhone 2001 and not Android are now SQUARE. Fancy that! S.Q.U.A.R.E corners on Evanova. Have a look at this square dashboard:

You may think "I hate those borders in the first place, Y U NO remove them?". There might be some more changes on this front, although the humble developer that I am doesn't like that every app looks like the same Android app, so it's not going to look like every Android app.


Since Evanova's inception, containers in asset items could not be opened; they were a mystery as to their content and did not show any sign of life while being tapped on. Hoarders rejoice! You can now long click on a container to open it and browse its content.


There has been more contract love going on and it is now possible to swipe a contract view to display items and bids.

The contracts lists have also be changed slightly to display contracts that are in progress and close to expiration time.

Tablet drawers

Tablets in portrait mode now have a drawer instead of a fixed list on the left-hand side. Drag from the border  of the screen to the right to display it.


  1. Evanova,
    Hi, I can't seem to get my api installed.I install my KeyID for the QR page, name it, and add my verification code as the api code, when I generate my QR code, the KeyID and Api Code changes, when I scan the generated Code it says Invalid api key. I've also tried mailing myself(eve:// Api Key ID&vCode=your Api Key Code) but it's not a link to click on?


    1. Hi Jim

      >>when I generate my QR code, the KeyID and Api Code changes

      This is weird and should not happen. Usually, the QR code method is very straight forward.

      As for the link, it should show up as such in your mobile mail client, but some mails are capricious with this and it the URL may be broken.

  2. the app coming along...
    by chance is there an api for pilots that are online?
    as a ceo of one corp & mining director in another, would be nice if i could see if any of my corpmates are on or not, i'm more apt to login & play if i have company.
    simular perhaps to the watchlist when ingame, with a red or green dot or icon next to charactors name on the capsulers page or if their name was red or green to indicate online/offline status?

    1. Hi Az

      Unfortunately, there is nothing in the API about player's status. I wanted exactly that feature to check if my friends are online or not, and it would have already been implemented if it was feasible.


  3. ok how about this... has ccp got api info regarding jump clones? i.e. jump clone location, implants in a jump clone & last jump counter

    1. Not to my knowledge. I doubled checked and all I can see is the medical clone's SP.

      Good try though!

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