Tuesday, 29 October 2013

There has been quite some time since the last major update of Evanova, but it's here and it at last has the Odyssey skills updated. Get it from Google Play or Amazon Store.

And for the usual breakdown of new features and additions:


  • You can now install API keys directly from the Eve Online site; use the "Install" button on that page from your device, or select "Eve Online" from the API Keys screen.
  • Market data is available for individual items in the Items Database. Swipe more to get to them.
  • Capsuleers can now view their kill logs and Corporations have a new "Starbase" screen with Player Owned Station information.

User Interface

  • The navigation drawer on tablets behaves much nicer than it used to.
  • Evanova now fully utilizes the Android ActionBar.
  • An indicator has been added on views that are swippable.
  • The bottom icon bar has been removed from some screens to make room for more content.
  • There is no longer an individual refresh button. Capsuleer and Corporation data refreshing is now automated and better at handling network operations (although you may notice a glitch or three).

Screenshots coming soon (TM).