Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Knowledge is half the battle

This blog hasn't been updated in quite a while. However the laziness of the author (me) doesn't mean laziness of the developer (also me)!

Evanova version 1.2.6 is out in the wild (very soon on Google Play and in a few days on Amazon). Of note:
  • Ready for Rubicon 1.1.2
  • Item images are now downloaded automatically, so you no longer have to copy them from the Community Toolkit. You can change this behaviour in the application settings.
    Ships are now displayed in all their glory as a background when browsing items. This too can be changed through the application settings.
  • Certificates are back!
  • There is a new Route Finder which allows you to display a route between two destinations (can you tell where my main character's home is in this picture?).

    You can swipe through screens to switch between the fastest, most secure or null-sec route options. The number of jumps and kills in system are also displayed, thanks to dotlan maps.

Of course there are the usual bugs, old and new so feel free to report!