API Keys - How To

Evanova requires access to your EVE account through an API key to provide all the features offered. An API key is a private identifier and will only provide access to your account to you. To get the most out of Evanova, it is recommended that you provide keys will full access.

First, you'll need to create your API key. Log in to your Eve Online account and name the key whatever you'd like. If you have multiple characters on one account and you'd like to track them all, choose "All" under the Character dropdown box. Leave Type as Character and check the No Expiry box. To get full functionality, click the links labeled "All" next to each section. Click Submit. You can also choose to create a Corporation key using the same method from your account. Corporation keys work the same way as other keys in Evanova.

You will then need the ID field and the Verification Code field from your list of API keys. The code can now be imported to Evanova.

Once Evanova is installed, tap the API Keys button. Use the menu option on your device to choose Add Key. Following are instructions for the various options:

QR Code Scan

Copy and paste the ID and the Verification Code to the QR Code Page. Using your device camera, scan the QR code that is generated and Evanova will do the rest.

Mail to Device

Send an email to yourself that contains the following link in the body:

eve://api.eveonline.com?keyID=your Api Key ID&vCode=your Api Key Code

Upon reception, open your email from the device on which Evanova is installed and click the link. Evanova will open and update.

Import an Existing File

You can choose an existing "api_keys.txt" file that resides on your device. If you have a File Explorer application installed , Evanova will use it to let you choose a file to import.

See further down for a detailed description of the "api_keys.txt" file .


Note: this method is usually painful.

Copy your API keys text one of the above Eve Online API Keys links on your device clipboard. When you come back to Evanova, if API keys are found in the clipboard and are different from the ones already stored, the Api Keys List screen will show the new ones after a short while.

Aura Users

Evanova supports the format used with the Aura application for 'api_keys.txt'.
You can copy/paste any Aura file you may have to 'evanova/api_keys.txt' to have your keys imported. Better, if an Aura file is found, Evanova will automatically add the API keys from it.

See further down for a detailed description of the "api_keys.txt" file

Text File

Create a text file called 'api_keys.txt' on your device's external storage (SD card) in the 'evanova' directory. This is usually done from the device settings or the notification bar.
Note that depending on your device, you may have to unmount your SD card or external storage. Some devices have multiple storages available and they might not always be visible to Evanova.

The format and a sample for the text file is as follows:

#User ID


Note that you can also name your API keys using a slightly different format:
#Named Api Key

1234567:Sample Key:5843956720958709AD798809342347098D89986E986089603294365928056098

Once the file is created, open Evanova. If you have changed the Settings to allow for automatic updating the keys will be imported. If not, select the keys you wish to import after selecting the API Keys button.