Quick Help

Hint: You can find more information, post comments, feedback or questions on this blog.

If you are new to Evanova and you don't have any API keys on your device,
make sure you read the Evanova API Keys Guide first.
Once you have API keys added to your device, you will automatically start at the Main Dashboard,
but you can still reach the About/Information screen by tapping on its icon.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Evanova, please note that some pilot and corporation information may be gone (noticeably images).
You will need to fully reload your pilots and corporations to restore them, so hit the 'Reload All' menu button on the pilots and corporation lists.
Also note that older API keys are no longer supported.

Please check out the Evanova API Keys Guide for details.

Important Tips

  • Updating data can take a while. Watch for the Pilot icon on your status bar to tell if Evanova is busy. The display should update sooner or later.
  • Mail and some other data aren't automatically updated by Evanova.
    This is done on purpose to avoid network usage. Your device's Settings button should hold a 'Reload' button when appropriate.
    Check for it when you think something is not up to date.
  • Your device's Settings button have functions available for most screens, but many features are also available by clicking or tapping on Screen Titles, Portraits, Corporation Logos or other panels.
    Many list items can be long-pressed for more actions on them.
    Evanova's users: that is where you will now find the Delete and Reload actions.
  • You can swipe left or right on many screens to change the displayed information.


  • How do I add API Keys?

    Everything you need to know about API keys in Evanova is explained here.

    ! The '/evanova/api_keys.txt' file is...key. If you are an Aura user, chances are you've already got the API keys you need on your device.

  • My 'api_keys.txt' file doesn't seem to be found or used by Evanova

    The API keys file may not be readable for many reasons. After checking that you are using the correct format (of course you are!),
    make sure that you've unmounted your external storage on your device (SD card or USB drive) before going back to Evanova.
    After unmounting, if your keys aren't visible, try quitting Evanova and come back.

    If you are using Evanova on a tablet such as the Samsung XOOM, you might have to use a file manager or other tool to add your file to the external storage. This is a limitation with some devices that can hardly be bypassed.
    As uncomfortable as it may sound, your best solution would be to use the QR code option or uploading the file using the Android SDK.

  • Most buttons are greyed out and don't do anything.

    Buttons are enabled/disabled according to the best API key found for the feature behind the button.
    If buttons remained greyed out and you think your key(s) should provide
    access, try re-visiting your API keys settings. At worse, delete all keys from Evanova and re-import them.

  • There is no item picture in the Assets screen or other item-related screens.

    Evanova does not include item images from Eve Online because of the massive download you would have to perform on your device.
    However, you can manually install those images from the Eve Online Toolkit.
    From your home computer, download and unzip the Types image files (only the 'Types' images are used by Evanova at the moment),
    then copy the structure of the unzipped directories in the '/Evanova/' directory on your device's SD card.
    Evanova will pick up any image file you chose to copy to your device this way.

    Note that you do not have to copy all images, just the ones you want. In order to avoid 150Mb+ of images, you may want to copy 32-pixel-sized images only (it looks good enough).

    In all cases, Evanova will do its best to display what is available.

    ! You should end up with a '/evanova/imgs_Types/Types/' directory on your SD Card, with all the pretty images you selected to copy there.
    Make sure you keep the original file names of those images, or they will not display properly; (e.g: '25594_64.png', '25594_32.png').

  • How many Capsuleers/Corporations can I have?

    Please bear in mind that Evanova has been tested with a limited number of accounts and characters.
    Evanova should be able to handle quite a few Capsuleers and Corporations for a reasonable number of accounts, but probably cannot handle large corporations. Any success or failure report with regard to number of characters or accounts on Evanova's blog is heartily encouraged.

  • Who is the author of Evanova?

    I am an independent software developer and gamer with 30 years of experience in both (Pong anyone?).
    I write this software entirely during my spare time and with free resources only, which explains why this application isn't updated so often.
    This is only possible thanks to the amount of information from the Eve Online Community. And Android documentation. And 'enough' spare time.

  • How do I get more support?

    I ask myself this very same question every day.
    Writing an e-mail to Evanova (evanova.mobile@gmail.com) or visiting the Evanova blog would probably be the best choice.


If you feel this application deserves some ISK support in times of PvP troubles, feel free to direct your donations in-game to Evanova Android. We guarantee that you will receive a thankful message.